Job Description
1. Responsible for purchasing all products and services of the Club and Hotel
 2. Maintains the highest quality of products and services that are ordered to the Hotel Specifications.
 3. Ensures that competitive quotations are obtained and the best prices are maintained.
 4. Successfully negotiates all Agreements and/or Contracts with Suppliers and Vendors.
 5. Follows up on all local purchases and/or importation
 6. Works closely with all related Departments, provide updated information about new products and services that have been newly introduced.
 7. Improves the purchasing power with available resources by consolidating the orders, wherever possible.
 8. Conducts staff evaluation every six months as per hotel policy.
 9. Reports immediately any internal problems related to departments employees to Human Resources Manager and Director of Operation for their action.
 10. Attends the daily Brief Meeting held in the Executive Office and other Meetings as and when required.
 11. Participates and contributes to the yearly budget requirements in collaboration with all Department Heads.
 12. Recommends new measures and solutions to problems and weaknesses of Purchasing Department to the Director of Operation.
 13. Performs as Duty Manager, according to the monthly Duty Manager's Schedule.
 14. Maintains all Management information in strict confidence.
 15. Performs any special duties or projects as assigned from time to time by the Management (assisting F&B Department in the event of large and/or VVIP functions,etc.)

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